Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dark Temptations Cover Reveal

     Today I have the honor of hosting a Cover Reveal for  Alivia Anders, AKA Penelope Harlow. Her new book, DARK TEMPTATIONS will be published in October 2014 and she is so excited to reveal the cover today!
                                        Are you ready for it? Here it is!

Title: Dark Temptations (Dark Seductions, #0.1)
Author: Penelope Harlow
Genre: NA Paranormal (18+)
Publication Date: October 2014 - Exclusive to the Howl Anthology

Meet the bombshell with a body count, a smoldering ex-lover, and a wardrobe most celebrities would die for… 

Being half-vampire, half-succubus, you'd think I have the best of both worlds.

I do.

The immortality, the riches, not to mention the sex that's good enough to kill for.


But even my perfect life isn't perfect, as I'm about to discover.
It seems the past doesn't want to leave me be.
Well, if the part wants a war, I say bring it.

No one f***s with Caroline Gray. 

About the Author:
Penelope Harlow is the sassy pen name for the bestselling YA author, Alivia Anders. What started as an honest giggle to write some kickass females for the mature reader turned into a full-blown persona hellbent on showing readers that the girl doesn't always need a man to get things done. 

Author Links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorpenelopeharlow

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