Review Policy

Book Review and Author Policy:

If you would like me to review your book, please send me an email with your name, the title of the book and a summary. If it sounds like something that I would enjoy, I will send you an email for you to send me your book.

1. I accept both ebooks and printed books.
2. I accept both Indie authors and authors published by traditional publishing companies.
3. I prefer to read fiction (regular adult (contemporary), new adult, young adult, middle grade, romance, thriller, mystery, historical fiction, fantasy, paranormal, etc.).
4. I will accept nonfiction if the topic is something that interests me.
5. Please indicate if your book is an ARC, galley, in the beta reading stage, pre-published or published.
6. I will post my review first on my blog. I will then post c
7. Please indicate if my review needs to be published online by a certain date.
8. I will be completely honest in my review to be helpful to any reader seeking to read your material.
9. I accept author interviews, cover releases, blurbs about your book, swag for giveaways, etc. to help promote authors.
10. Please be sure to send me *clean* excerpts, blurbs, etc. as this is an all ages blog.  :) 
11. I accept Guest Bloggers to help promote you, your work and your helpful tips.
12. I can offer Author Spotlights (per day, per week and per month).

Contact me at: for questions or reviews.

Have a Purrfect day!