Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cover Reveal ~ The Darkest Legacy: Betrayal (Book 1) by Jennifer Lynn Catz

Of course, I have to share my very own cover reveal on this blog!  :)

Here it is: my official cover reveal for The Darkest Legacy: Betrayal!

Title: The Darkest Legacy: Betrayal
Author: Jennifer Lynn Catz
Genre: YA Fantasy
Ages: 12 and up
Release date: December 13, 2014 (12-13-14)
Pages: 300
Content: Clean with mild curse words

There are whispers of the darkest legacy that span hundreds of years... 
Sixteen-year-old Cara Corsi just wants her normal life back. After recently surviving a horrific car accident, her recent life has been anything but ordinary and normal sounds pretty good right now.

Fully recovered and out of the hospital, Cara has returned to school, hoping her life will finally get back on track. 

After only being back at her northern California high school a few days, weird and exciting occurrences happen, leaving Cara both perplexed and thrilled. When she is asked out by her longtime crush, Cara is elated that her life is quickly improving and her excitement explodes as she plans to attend the dance of the year. 

But then, events quickly go off course and things aren’t as they seem. New problems arise when Cara is abruptly overwhelmed by brain-splitting headaches and her family is targeted by strange people Cara's mother, Maria, seems to know.

Maria has kept a life-altering secret that could destroy any chance of normalcy for Cara. Unbeknownst to Cara and her sister, Maria has taken drastic measures to keep the family hidden for the past fourteen years.

A sinister plan brews when the family is eventually located. But when Cara’s family suddenly disappears, Cara is overtaken by the nosy neighbor who won’t leave her alone–the same neighbor Maria warned her daughters to never go near.

Not knowing whom to trust, Cara must fight to find her family and to stay alive in a deception she knows nothing about.


I’m so excited! I love how it came out! What do you think?

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Here’s to 12-13-14!
It will be here soon!!


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