Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Book Review - Worlds Without End: Two Journeys: One Physical The Other Spiritual

Today I get to share with you my review of the book, Worlds Without End: Two Journeys: One Physical The Other Spiritual by Tally Pendragon.

Worlds Without End: Two Journeys: One Physical The Other Spiritual is a story that combines both the physical journey of Eartha Elwys and the spiritual quest of Elysia. Eartha’s story is a raw, painful, emotional road that takes us through her childhood, up to her present age of almost 40. We learn about how her mistakes and outside forces of the past have led her to where she needs and longs to be – in the arms of her faith. Many obstacles have tripped Eartha up in her path to her faith and the story shows us how He will always be there, even when you get lost along the way.  

Elysia’s quest is more of a magical one, where she only has eyes for her beloved and would do anything and everything for their union. Her childlike enthusiasm magically fills the pages as we watch her work hard and competently completes all the tasks that her beloved has given her.

Eventually we see Eartha and Elysia’s stories come closer together and root for both of them to succeed on their journeys.

The book is filled with religious references to God and Jesus and it gives the reader a sense of hope if areas in your life appear desolate and bleak. It shows the reader that there is always another route you can take if all seems lost and hopeless.

While reading the book, ask yourself this question: is this book an autobiography or is this a work of fiction? It reads as an autobiography and that’s where the raw, emotional aspect pulls at you – you want someone to save Eartha, you want Eartha to want to save herself. The writing superbly pulls you into Eartha’s world and rolls you around in its roller coaster of hell before finally spitting you back out, panting for relief. 

I give this book 5 Paws for the character’s emotional story and ghosts that were exorcised by the completion of this novel.


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